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Tips & Tricks to Help You Look Expensive on A Budget

by Tricia Steele 23 Sep 2022 0 Comments


You want to dress expensive without breaking the bank? No problem! With these easy tips, you can learn how to look expensive on a budget.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when putting together an expensive-looking outfit without spending a fortune. From wardrobe basics to accessories, we'll cover everything you need to know. So put on your thinking cap and get ready to take your style up a notch!

Define Your Style

You don't need to have a lot of money to look expensive. In fact, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can fake it till you make it!

The first step is to figure out your personal style. What are your go-to outfits? What colors do you wear the most? Once you have a good sense of your style, start looking for pieces that reflect it. Try not to shop impulsively and take your time and find things that are high-quality and will last.

Another key to looking expensive is to mix and match your clothes. Don't be afraid to wear different pieces together and mix formal and informal styles. Prized staples like a good jacket or a nice pair of jeans can easily be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

And last but not least, don't forget about accessories! A great scarf, pair of earrings or necklace can really elevate an outfit and make it look more expensive.

Find Inspiration From High-End Fashion

If you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe without spending a fortune, take some cues from high-end fashion designers. After all, they're the experts at making expensive-looking pieces without breaking the bank.

One way to get started is by looking for inspiration in the runway shows of your favorite designers. Study the silhouettes, fabrics and colors that they use, and see if you can recreate any of their looks with pieces you already have in your closet.

You can also invest in a few key high-end pieces that will make any outfit look more expensive. A good example is a silk scarf or scarf print blouse - both of which can add instant glamor for very little cost.

Shop at the Right Places

One of the best ways to look expensive on a budget is to shop at the right places. Department stores, high-end boutiques, and even online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy can be great sources for high-quality, affordable fashion.

Of course, you'll want to avoid low-quality stores that sell clothes made from cheap materials. Instead, look for brands that are known for their quality and attention to detail. You may have to pay a little more than you would at a discount store, but the clothes will last longer and look better.

Another great way to save money on clothes is to buy them used. There are tons of online marketplaces where you can find gently used clothing at a fraction of the price of new clothes. Just be sure to check the quality and condition of the items before you buy them.

Invest in Key Pieces

One of the best ways to look expensive on a budget is to invest in key pieces. Think of pieces that can be worn time and time again and that will never go out of style. A great example is a black blazer. A blazer is the perfect piece to wear for a formal event or for a more casual day at work. Plus, it can be styled in so many different ways, which means you'll never get bored of it.

Another key piece to invest in is a good pair of jeans. A good pair of jeans will last for years and will never go out of style. They're also perfect for any occasion, from a day at the park with the kids to a night out on the town.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in some key pieces today and watch your style transform!

Coordinate Your Colors

One of the easiest ways to look expensive on a budget is to coordinate your colors. If everything in your outfit is complementary, it will create a look of sophistication and refinement. For example, try pairing a black blazer with some dark denim jeans and a white blouse. Or a red dress with some metallic accessories. By playing with different textures and shades, you can create endless outfit combinations that will make you look like a million bucks.

Take Care of Your Clothes

Taking care of your clothes is a must if you want them to last longer and look their best. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

-Wash your clothes inside out to help protect the fabric and keep them looking new for longer.

-Never put them in the dryer; always hang them to dry.

-Iron clothes on the lowest setting possible, and avoid using steam.

-Store them properly; folded clothes will last longer than those that are just thrown into a drawer or closet.


One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to elevate your look is by adding some accessories. A few well-chosen pieces can add glamor, polish and elegance to any outfit, no matter how simple it is.

So, what types of accessories should you choose if you want to look expensive on a budget? Well, think about what works with your personal style and what makes you feel confident and empowered. Some people might prefer chunky jewelry, while others might prefer sleek and minimalist designs. It's up to you!

Another great option is a scarf or shawl. Not only do they add color and warmth to your outfit, but they can also be used to dress up or down any look. So whether you're going for a chic evening look or a casual day-time ensemble, a scarf is always a good choice.


You don't have to break the bank to look like a million bucks. In fact, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can easily elevate your look and give the impression that you're spending a lot more than you actually are.

So, whether you're wanting to revamp your style for the new year or just score a few fashion wins on a budget, keep reading for our top tips on how to look expensive on a budget.

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